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If you’ve been pulled over without the right auto insurance, our lawyer can help defend you during any legal proceedings.

Settle your conflict outside of court with the help of The Law Office of John V. Work. We arbitrate both individual and commercial matters.

Facing a lawsuit or potential suit because of a former client? We can defend you during your personal liability case.

Legal matters occur quite often if you’re running a business. If you need help with business law matters, reach out to our Wilmington attorney today.

Is Your Complex Legal Matter in the Right Hands?

Trust the Law Office of John V. Work in Wilmington, DE

The Law Office of John V. Work is a committed law firm based in Wilmington, Delaware. Our office provides legal services for cases involving uninsured defense, dispute resolution, professional regulation and business/commercial law. You can rely on John V. Work’s 10+ years of experience in the courtroom to defend you, support you and get you the results you need for your specific case.

Handling varied cases, while keeping a strong focus on the client

Our firm is committed to providing personalized representation, as no case is the same in any way. Your case may involve sorting out a civil disagreement or finding a resolution to complicated business disputes. It may involve drafting up a small company contract or defending you in the courtroom because of a lapse of car insurance coverage. No matter the situation, you can trust the experience and expertise present at our law firm to help you obtain the results you need for your case.

Get an honest, hardworking lawyer on your side

You have a good feeling as to what is right, and what is wrong. Our lawyer does as well. John V. Work is very thorough with his approach, striving to give his clients a fair resolution for their legal matter. You should have someone familiar with the Wilmington courtrooms and laws to help you with your case. Schedule an appointment with The Law Office of John V. Work at 302-540-8747 to discuss the specifics of your case.