Looking to Settle Your Conflict Out of Court?

Dispute Resolution Attorney in Wilmington, DE

When a dispute turns into a legal ordeal, all parties are worn out by the formalities and legal complications. Instead of signing up for a long courtroom ordeal, find a way to resolve the dispute with The Law Office of John V. Work. Our arbitrator will help two parties discover a way to settle their dispute.

Our law firm works with both individuals and commercial clients in need of arbitration services. We are a member of the American Arbitration association, so you can trust us to use trusted and innovative methods to guide both parties on the path toward a favorable final settlement.

For individuals, we assist with trust and estate litigation. Families who leave trusts can often end up battling and suing one another to obtain money or the estate. We can help family members decide on a solution outside of court.

For commercial clients, we can assist companies battling with other parties (whether internal or external) by finding a genuine resolution that satisfies both parties.

There’s no need to go to court. Avoid the legal frustration with dispute resolution services from The Law Office of John V. Work here in Wilmington, DE.